Walmart is Shady AF

You think you might know all the ins and outs of the much maligned big box store, Walmart, but we’re letting you in on a few shady secrets Walmart doesn’t want you to know. It’s probably not surprising to learn that Walmart employees aren’t the best paid workforce in the world, but you’d be shocked to find out just how bad things are for some of them. Walmart greeters might be a welcoming sight, but it can be sobering to learn about the struggles behind the smiles. Just take a moment and think about the goods that you buy from Walmart and whether or not you’ve given a second thought about who made them. Chances are that you wouldn’t expect those products to be made by children overseas or by prison inmates.

There are great values to be had at Walmart, but the company also saves a lot by not paying for a lot of aspects of the business themselves. What’s even more shocking is that they let taxpayers and their money foot the bill for certain services like security. We’re sure you’ve heard dozens of horror stories from employees about Walmart’s practices, but the reality is so much worse. For example, have you ever heard that employees working overnight shifts were locked inside their stores for the duration of their shifts? Yeah, that happened. Check out some of the other horrors wrought by Walmart.